Where do I search for rental properties?

You can search for rental properties on the Rental Retreat home page using the Search Vacation Rentals link. Simply choose a location of where you would like to go, select dates of when you would like to stay, and enter how many guests plan to travel. If you do not have a location in mind you can leave that field blank to find all available rentals in different locations around the country, or you can check out Rental Retreat's Travel Inspiration Page to get great ideas of where to travel.

How do I complete the booking process on the property I would like to rent?

When using the Contact Broker form on the property you are interesed in renting, your message will be sent directly to the property manager representing that property. They are highly encouraged to contact you within 24 hours of your initial request to complete the booking process.

How do I find a rental property with specific amenities.

When you do a search for a rental property click on the "Looking for certain features" link below the search criteria. This will open a list of checkboxes that you can check to look for properties that include those features.

What if I need to make changes to my travel arrangements?

The property manager who manages the property you have booked will be the one to assist you with any questions regarding your reservation.

How come the property I rented last year is not available this year?

There may be more than one reason you cannot find a property that you rented in a previous year. The property may not be available for the search dates or criteria you entered. The property may not be listed for rent with the property mananger who rented it to you in years past. Or, the property may have been sold and the new owner no longer wants to use it as a rental property. Do not fear, though, because Rental Retreat has plenty of great rentals to choose from!

Am I able to list my properties on Rental Retreat?

Yes! No matter how large or small your business is you can list your properties on Rental Retreat. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us form and we will be glad to help you list your properties.

How do I list my properties on Rental Retreat?

Rental Retreat offers more than one way for you to list your properties. If you only have one or several properties, you can manually enter in the information for each property using our Property Input Dashboard. For property managers who have many properties, we offer a convenient API for you to connect all of your properties at once.

Does Rental Retreat offer an API to attach my software's existing properties?

Yes, Rental Retreat offers a convenient API if you need to programmatically connect your properties to our system. Please use the Contact Us form to learn more.

How can I have one of my properties listed as a featured property?

We would be happy to assist you in listing one of your properties as a Featured Property in Rental Retreat. Please get in touch with one of our associates using the Contact Us form.

What sets Rental Retreat apart from other distribution partners?

All properties listed on Rental Retreat are professionally managed by tenured companies who know the vacation rental business like no one else. Rental Retreat puts you in direct contact with these companies that are located in the area of your travel destination. They will be there to guide and asssist you with all your travel needs along the way.